Everybody wants a straight, glowing smile that they can feel comfortable sharing with the world. Most people are not born with straight teeth but instead, need to invest time and money into achieving this dream smile. Braces are the tried and true method of straightening out teeth. They have been around for decades and still deliver great results for kids, teens, and adults looking to fix orthodontic issues. With modern advances in braces technology, there are now plenty of options on the market to customize your braces experience. At Huntersville Smiles Orthodontics & Kids Dentistry, keeping our patients comfortable during treatment while yielding satisfactory results is our number one priority. If you think you or your child may be a candidate for braces, the best way to confirm is simply by coming in for a consultation. At our practice, we are proud to serve patients of all ages in the Huntersville area. It truly is never too late to invest in your smile!

Getting Started

During your first appointment, one of our team members will use our in-house iTero digital scanner to render 2D and 3D digital images of your maxillofacial area. This allows the orthodontist better to assess the position of the jaw and teeth and make an informed diagnosis. The iTero scanner takes the place of the annoying putty and trays that everyone hates, so we can comfortably understand the orthodontic issues that are unique to each patient. Some issues that may require braces include overbites, underbites, crossbites, overcrowding, and spacing. Depending on the severity of your diagnosis, your treatment can take anywhere from 16-24 months.

Picking The Right Braces For You

At Huntersville Smiles Orthodontics & Kids Dentistry, we offer three types of braces: traditional metal braces, Iconix aesthetic braces, and Clarity clear braces. All of these types of braces work similarly but differ in their appearance. We strive to include patients in the decision-making process when it comes to braces, which is why we continue to offer a range of braces at affordable prices. We have found that giving our patients the power to choose which treatment works best with their lifestyle and preferences truly helps make treatment more fun and enjoyable!

Traditional Metal Braces

Most people are familiar with traditional metal braces. This type of braces utilizes metal brackets that are glued to the teeth with non-toxic cement and connected with metal wires. Your orthodontist will need to manually tighten the wires every 4-6 weeks based on how quickly your teeth move to keep treatment progressing at a good pace.

Iconix Aesthetic Braces

Iconix braces still use metal brackets, but they are made up of either gold or champagne-colored stainless steel. These brackets mimic the natural color of teeth so that the braces are less noticeable to others. Iconix braces are a great option for adults or anyone in the public sphere who may not want to draw attention to their orthodontic treatment.

Clarity Clear Braces

Clarity clear braces are also designed to give a less noticeable appearance while undergoing braces treatment. Clarity braces use a ceramic material for the brackets instead of metal. Clarity braces are another excellent option for adults or anyone in the public sphere who may not want to draw attention to their orthodontic treatment.


At Huntersville Smiles Orthodontics & Kids Dentistry, we want to make braces treatment accessible to everyone. All forms of braces that we offer come at the same price point so that you never need to sacrifice your preferences to get a better deal. We even offer Invisalign at the same rate as braces so that everyone can feel comfortable on their journey to their dream smile! If braces or Invisalign have been on your mind, please feel free to contact Huntersville Smiles Orthodontics & Kids Dentistry to take your first step to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Our commitment to beautiful smiles doesn’t just stop at low rates. We are proud to offer discounts to military personnel, teachers, and patients who pay in full for their treatment. We are in-network with all PPO insurance plans, which can cut down the cost of treatment by thousands of dollars in certain instances. If you feel more comfortable with a monthly payment plan, we are able to draft a customized plan that works for you! We keep down payments low and have 0% in-house financing so that everyone is able to get the quality care that they need.